Why do I need a specialist to do my root canal? Root canal anatomy can be highly complex as seen in the following high resolution CT images. While attending the inaugural meeting of the International Academy of Endodontics in Dallas in January 2012, I heard from Marco Versiani (DDS, MS, PhD) of Brazil on the use of micro CT in exploring root canal anatomy. Dr. Versiani gave us permission to reproduce his pictures that they obtained through the use of micro CT technology on extracted teeth.  You may explore their project further at http://rootcanalanatomy.blogspot.com.

Simply viewing these pictures helps to understand and appreciate that the root canal system can be very intricate. Having the proper instruments to address this anatomy is important. Although this anatomy is challenging to even the most expert endodontist, having a CBCT, a microscope, a large variety of hand files, and lots of patience is necessary when trying to achieve a positive outcome.

Thanks to Dr. Versiani and his team for their dedicated effort to improving the field of endodontics.

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